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Description: Celeb? U.R.Celeb is a free easy to use Software that will make you famous. With U.R.Celeb you can design your own Magazine Cover in just few minutes! What can you do with it: Be a Superstar! Prove your friends how famous you really are! Design an original present for your friends and family. Create your own Magazine cover. Send a unique greeting E-card to your beloved one. Program OS Support: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Windows2003.

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or url of file in parts: http urceleb oniton com progz U R Celeb exe

Author's name: oniton

E-mail: a_galanti at yahoo dot com  

Version: 1.01

Filesize in bytes: 2579574


or homepage in parts: http urceleb oniton com index html

ID number of the program in the catalogue 1816

Date of registration in the catalogue   2006-08-14 19:49:13

Quantity of loadings of the program: 780

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