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Finders Keepers


Description: Join Floyd Finders and his trusty sidekick Goldie in more than 150 levels of aquatic adventure for all ages! Collect treasure, fish and special trinkets all while trying to avoid trouble from Pirates, Whales, Ghosts and more! Your fortune finding will take you to exotic places and youll meet friends that can offer you help - for a price... Search the Atlantic to retrieve something very special to Floyd and try out three exciting game modes that will bring hours of fun for the whole family! Program OS Support: WinME, WinXP, Windows Vista. Program language: English.

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or url of file in parts: http www yourgamesworld com download finders keepers exe

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E-mail: support at yourgamesworld dot com  

Version: 1.0

Filesize in bytes: 15592325


or homepage in parts: http www yourgamesworld com finders keepers html

ID number of the program in the catalogue 5851

Date of registration in the catalogue   2008-04-07 20:28:36

Quantity of loadings of the program: 10

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